We Are Producers

We Are Producers

Almost all of the oil produced in the Western United States represented by WSPA comes from California, the nation’s 4th largest oil producer.  Petroleum energy companies in California produce 585,000 barrels of crude oil per day from onshore wells as well as offshore wells in state and federal waters, approximately 10 percent of the nation’s oil production.  Eighty percent of that oil is produced by companies that are members of the Western States Petroleum Association.

Most oil production in California occurs in Kern County in the San Joaquin Valley. Oil also is produced from wells in portions of Los Angeles County and Orange County and on or near the central coast near Santa Barbara.

Additionally, California is home to the Monterey Formation which could produce another 15.4 billion barrels of oil locked in shale. Technologies such as directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing hold the keys to unlocking this beneficial resource.

California also produces 876 million cubic feet of natural gas every day, 77 percent of which is produced along with crude oil. 

These resources notwithstanding, California still imports a large portion of the oil and natural gas needed to keep the state supplied with energy.  Currently, approximately 50 percent of the oil we use is imported from foreign countries.  Another 12 percent comes from Alaska. All of the imported oil we receive is shipped here in tankers.  Despite being a major producer of natural gas, California also imports 87 percent of the natural gas we use every day, most of it from other states.